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Improving the quality of writing on the internet

1/1/2008: Sunil, Ryan and Zak start, a platform that allows screenwriters to collaborate on screenplays and sell them to Hollywood producers.

is born

6/1/2008: reaches new milestone: 5,000 writers. It continues to grow at a pace of 50 writers per day.

5,000 writers


80,000 writers

3/1/2011: hits 80,000 writers, but producers aren't interested in buying screenplays from the site. Businesses begin reaching out to Sunil and Ryan to see if they can hire writers for non-entertainment industry projects — like blog posts.

A light bulb goes off.

is born

6/1/2011: is officially born. Ryan acquires the URL in exchange for a baseball cap.

$1 million seed round

11/1/2011: The business gains enough traction in a short amount of time to draw interest from outside investors. Crosslink Capital leads a $1 million seed round.


1/1/2012: Jake Kring and Shellie Citron join to build the new product. Together they decide on one mission: to better the quality of written content on the Internet by helping businesses create it at scale. becomes a technology and logistics layer between businesses and writers.

Introducing Jake and Shellie


Series A: $4.5 million

6/1/2013: Business continues to thrive. Redpoint Ventures co-leads into a Series A for $4.5 million dollars – the team expands to 13 people.

Scripted expands


1/1/2014: doubles in size and moves to a new office in SoMa.

The business continues to focus on creating the highest quality content on the Internet.

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